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We know that one of the most important milestones when establishing a life in a new country is purchasing a family home. 
If you have immigrated to Canada within the last 5 years, there are specialized financing packages available to you.  There
are more options than you might think.


  • Self employed?  

  • Starting a new job?  

  • Purchasing a second home for family members?  


At RIFG we specialize in assisting new immigrants with all of their real estate purchases.  We also provide our expert guidance in English, Farsi, Cantonese and Mandarin.

New Immigrant / High Net Worth Financing


Landing within 5 years, we have specialized financing package for you 

We provide this premium service package to you to help you enjoy new life in Canada

Guidance with building Canadian Credit History and Maintaing a good credit score

Guidance with applying public/private school

Guidance with applying virious private clubs,activities base on your life style and needs 

Provide Mortgage Investment oppertunities,with stable monthly incomes

Assistance with MSP,SIN Card applications

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