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Our Approach

Royal International Financial Group is a full service mortgage brokerage firm. We have been providing custom financing solutions to our clients since 2001. Our professional management team has a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian real estate market and extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate financing.  


We are continuously redefining our vision and developing new strategies to better meet the needs of our diverse clientele.  Our philosophy has always been one of building a strong foundation in the present, based upon learning from our experiences in the past, so that we will be well prepared for opportunities in the future.  This approach is also how we advise our clients; we want to provide a suite of products and services that can help them to achieve both current and future financial goals.


Our position as a leading financial services provider is built upon a strong history of providing excellent advice and service to our clients.  The foundation of professionalism, experience and integrity which we have built has us poised for a future of continued success and growth to the mutual benefit of the company, clientele, employees and our community.  We are looking forward to the future growth and plans being developed by our visionary management team.

Our Commitment:

  • Lowest Mortgage Rates

  • Fast Approval / Quick Funding

  • Exceptional Service 

  • Keeping You Informed

  • Dedicated Underwriters

  • More Lender Choices = more choices for you = Best rates

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