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When purchasing a new home the process can be greatly simplified by having your mortgage pre-approved by a KG Consultant.


The advantages of a mortgage pre-approval are:


  • When you get pre-approved, the amount that you can borrow is defined; all that is left to complete your mortgage financing is approval of your chosen property. This allows you to shop with confidence, as you know what properties are within your budget and avoids the disappointment of setting your heart on a property that is not within your current budget.

  • Once you have an accepted offer on your chosen property, you can immediately focus on contract preparation, negotiations, and property inspections. To have your mortgage application complete allows you to concentrate on these other tasks, helping ensure that you quickly secure the property you want.

  • Keep in mind that even if you get pre-approved there is no obligation to use the mortgage that is reserved for you. However, your approved mortgage terms and rate are guaranteed for up to 120 days.

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